Guests who receive your company’s services by Dive can use it for free and without registering an account.

If you want to use the following functions prepared for business use, please consider a paid plan.

You can create new Dive spot which will allow to place AR objects. The created Dive spot can be experienced and edited by not only the paid user but also free plan user. Note: The max number you can manage is depending on the selected plan. 

You can do hosting of Dive call (Video call) . The max number of guest is 15. Also you can publish your hosting status via “Dive – World View” if you want. Note: Dive call is enabled in more than Pro plan.

You will be able to save videos and images of your view. Since the result of intuitively expressing the intention in AR can be capitalized.

Paid plans are offered with an annual subscription. The price is determined by “Selection plan price + number of users”. Consider the features you need and the size of your team. There is a 14-day free trial period, so feel free to try it.


Feel free to start.
  • Max spot number : 1
  • Dive call : ×
  • Min user number : -


For small team
  • Max spot number : 25
  • Dive call : 〇
  • Min user number : 1


For middle team
  • Max spot number : 30
  • Dive call : 〇
  • Min user number : 25


For big team
  • Max spot number :Ask
  • Dive call : 〇
  • Min user number : 25~

* Prices shown do not include tax. The price includes the price for one user. If you want to increase the maximum number of retained Dive spots, consider increasing the number of users.

* 3-month subscription is also available. In that case, it will be offered at 1.5 times the total price.

If you have any other requests such as invoice payment support, etc., please feel free to let us know from our store or our inquiry form below.

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